Kansas City, KS

A City Where No One Sleeps Outside

Eden Village of Kansas City is a not-for-profit, upcoming tiny home community for the chronically homeless.

Kansas City's Journey

Eden Village of Kansas City will be a planned, gated tiny home community supported by a community center and local volunteer specialists, giving their time in helping residents, who have been classified as chronically homeless, a dignified place to call home, safely off the streets. We are currently working on completing fundraising for our first project to build many communities to get homeless persons off the streets and into a home where they can thrive.

See Who They Could Be

Find the human within the homeless and give them a place to find themselves.

See Who They Could Be

Find the human within the homeless and give them a place to find themselves.

Proven Master Plan

A homeless person living on the street doesn’t benefit anyone in society

It is the responsibility of the residents of a city to ensure their city is a safe and healthy place to occupy, for all those who call it home. Homeless persons, living on the streets, drive property values down, use up city resources and dim the vibrancy of our city. Let us be the light! Eden Village is a proven model that will improve the lives of the homeless and in return restore our city. Eden Village is a supportive and safe atmosphere offering single resident homes, fingerprint controlled, pedestrian-only, gated community living and a sense of family to those who need our help. See where it all started.

Dignified Living Fights Against Homelessness

Giving the chronically homeless a safe place to live is a win-win.

It sounds almost unobtainable, a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside. But other cities have proven otherwise. With the community’s help, we can take abandoned trailer parks and revive them into a beautiful, self-sustaining community that is both safe to its neighbors, attractive in its make-up while offering rehabilitation to the human spirit, not only for the residents but for all involved.

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