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Tulsa, OK


Join our vision in making Tulsa a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside

Tulsa's Journey

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Eden Village of Tulsa is currently under construction and is a gated, tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes and a built-in support system for chronically homeless individuals. It sits on 17 acres, includes 63 tiny homes, a 4,000 sq. ft. community center, greenhouses and a small on-site farm for residents to care for.

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Let's be the resolve to Tulsa's growing homeless population


Let's be the resolve to Tulsa's growing homeless population


Long term support goals, creating real change for the Tulsa homeless.

A home is a basic necessity, essential to a human’s well-being and only once this is met, can the person address other needs. Loss of family, home and community is catastrophic to community and often sends people down a path they are unable to get out of by themselves. Homelessness is a traumatic experience that forces individuals into constant survival mode. Thousands suffer daily, in Tulsa, from inadequate sleep, inadequate nutrition and lack of safety. The homeless population has a life expectancy, thirty years less than, the average American.

There is a solution, Eden Village shows us how. Eden Village does not want to simply provide ‘adequate housing’ for the chronically disabled homeless. We want to create and nurture a sense of community. That’s the key to improving the homeless problem in Tulsa. Relationships with other residents walking the same path, with caring staff, community volunteers and God.

Visit Our Model Homes Today

Abiding Harvest Church

4407 S. Olive Ave.
Broken Arrow, OK 74011
Visit Website Abiding Harvest Church

Jenks CarePoint

2914 East 91st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137
Visit Website Jenks CarePoint

Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church

2550 East 71st Street
Tulsa, OK 74136
Visit Website Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church


The proven model proves benefit to both city and humanity.

Eden Village, a program of The Gathering Tree is a 501(c)(3) that has created a proven concept by building relationships and tiny home communities for homeless individuals who have a disability. By bringing an Eden Village to Tulsa, we’d be providing access to dignified housing, providing support services, inserting individuals into an active community and show our chronically disabled homeless population that they do matter, and we do care for our own.

The first Eden Village was created in Springfield, MO. Due to its success, the inspiration to create a long-term solution to chronic homelessness has spread across the nation. Eden Village of Tulsa is basing its structure on the original village, with 50 homes, a community center. Landscaped park area and garden. Our management team is being trained and mentored alongside the team in Springfield, MO and other Eden Village communities, across the country, to ensure success here in Tulsa.

This model is unique in many ways. Springfield tested the concept, and along with helping other cities start their own communities, they are currently developing their third in a town much smaller than Tulsa. With demonstrated success, we can build more over the next few years, until no one in Tulsa sleeps outside.


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