Who is Eden Village of Richmond?

Our vision and execution in creating a living environment off the streets and into dignified living.

Eden Village of Richmond is in its beginning stages of planning and once funding is available and land is obtained, a 30–40-unit tiny home community will be constructed and modeled after the original Eden Village in Springfield, Missouri. We are fortunate that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to helping the chronically homeless find a place to call home. Eden Village of Springfield developed a proven system that has shown that dignity is the solution to poverty and community is the solution to homelessness. We have partnered with them to use their model.

Eden Village of Richmond will offer a supportive community in a gated, fingerprint entry, pedestrian only courtyard setting. It will have a community center with offices for social services and counseling, a laundromat, kitchen and dining area for special gatherings, and a computer area with Wi-Fi connections and a library. Residents will be charged a minimal monthly rent that includes utilities and can stay as long as they want if they abide by the community rules.

Life That is Lived in an Eden Village Community

Can you imagine carrying all your possessions? Not knowing where to sleep.

Who Will Live at Eden Village of Richmond?

Help us build the community our homeless friends can’t even imagine.

Eden Village residents will be chosen with priority given to those who have been chronically homeless for at least one year and/or having a disability. We will rely on many local homeless advocates that are in regular contact with the homeless to help choose our residents. Donate today to get land built and homes ready for our homeless friends. #GodsProject

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