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We need compassion and hardworking people to make our city a place where the homeless no longer live in fear and insecurity.

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Grant Writer
Social Media Manager
Content Writer
Public Relations
Development Coordinator
Database Management

We are still in our beginning stages and have applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit status with approval pending review by the IRS. We are now beginning a search for land, fundraising, and applying for grants to begin this important ministry for stability and compassion to those without shelter in the Richmond area where #NoOneSleepsOutside. It is our dream that by next year we will have begun building several homes for Eden Village of Richmond. Join us in our journey.

Volunteer Programs - Current Needs

Media Relations

This is a new concept for our area and our media will want to be along for the ride as it affects us all. We need someone that can inform the media of our progress.

Volunteer Coordinator

Many want to help and have many talents to do so. We need someone that will know our needs and find the right individuals to fill those needs.

Donor Relations

Donors and sponsors are our lifeblood, without them we cannot move forward. We need someone to connect us with donors and then make sure we’re benefiting their needs.

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