Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Eden Village of Richmond?
We’re currently in the fundraising stage and working on earning dollars to secure land. We will then work on fundraising to build out our infrastructure, add tiny homes for residents and support garden, community center and gated community to keep our residents safe.
When will you be accepting residents?
When our tiny homes begin to arrive, we’ll start the interviewing process and have applications available on our website.
Who lives in Eden Village communities?
Individuals that are chronically homeless and unable to consistently care for themselves. Eden Village of Richmond will get them the support and security they need to thrive, but many of our residents continue residency indefinitely. They do pay rent and are expected to be an active part of the Eden Village community.
What will the community center include?
We will have staff on-site, support professionals helping our residents with their finances, mental health and job placement. There will also be laundry, community gathering area, community kitchen and a garden that our residents maintain for their benefit.
Where will Eden Village of Richmond build?
The successful Eden Village model focuses on properly zoned land or abandoned or run down trailer parks that are no longer benefiting the community to clean up and build a safe gated community on. This is of benefit to neighbors, property values, our cities economics and our residents.

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