Are You, or Know Someone, Who is Chronically Homeless?

Eden Village of Richmond will get you off the streets, into home and give you the support you need to thrive.

To be an Eden Village resident you must meet all three of the following requirements:

Chronically Homeless
An individual that has experienced homelessness within the Richmond VA area for longer than a year.
Having a mental or physical disability that in part makes it difficult to keep a job or remain in a stable place of living.
Can pay $350 in rent per month through various means of income. ie. job, family, disability, VA, ect.

Don't Meet The Requirements?

We know there will always be those that we can’t house, but we care deeply about your safety. Please use many of our city’s resources to get you through. People and organizations are here to help. Feel free to print and distribute to those who need it most.

What to know about living at Eden Village of Richmond…

  • Tiny homes are meant for single occupancy, given residency to individuals who can follow community standards, contribute to communal living and provide rent monthly. 
  • Our gated, finger-print entry community not only ensures safety of our residents but ensures that all guests are vetted to make sure that they are not to bring negative energy to our residents. 
  • Our communities will be an improvement to your city, both economically and by placing a well-kept maintained community where once was not. 
  • We not only change the lives of our residents but make an impact on our volunteers and donors all while bringing economic relief on our city and county resources.
tiny homes
tiny homes
tiny homes

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