The Tulsa Community Coming Together To End Homelessness

Together we can do anything. Thank you to these businesses and individuals donating your time and dollars to give our homeless friends a home.

Family Partners

Helmerich Trust

Sook Family Foundation

Ann & Randy Matson

Molly Krumme

Gary & Donna Dundee

Levi and Linda Thetford

Kip & Debbie Kindred

Kirk & Barbara Turner

Brad & Sharla Hilton

Community Partners

Smith Farm & Garden
Empire Garden

Bell Land Development

McGuire Brothers Construction

Shaw Homes
Alert 360
LA Studio
Christian Brothers Automotive
Burnett Home Improvement
Green Group Oklahoma
QuickTrip Corporation

Nancy Parker Miller Trust

Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Church Partners

Abiding Harvest
Harvard Avenue Christian Church
Christ The Redeemer Lutheran Church
South Tulsa Baptist Church
Redeemer Church
Keystone Sunday School Class

Board of Directors

tiny homes

Brad Johnson

tiny homes

David Helmerich

tiny homes

Dean Martin

tiny homes

Keith Davis

tiny homes

Mike Smith

tiny homes

Malachi Blankenship

tiny homes

Lisa Fuller

Advisory Board

Matt Cain

Gretchen Gullette

Katie Kelly

Jeremy Nicols

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