Frequently Asked Questions

Who can live in an Eden Village community?
An Eden Village resident must be an adult from the local community who qualifies as chronically homeless and has a physical/ mental disability.
What services are available for residents?
Eden Village is permanent supportive housing. The residents are provided with many on-site amenities such as a community center with a large gathering area, kitchen, laundry room, health clinic, computers, and book and video libraries. The community center hosts various classes, activities, and events that all residents are welcome to take part in free of charge. Also, on grounds are a community garden, woodworking shop, neighborhood store, outdoor grills, and a storm shelter. The community coordinators assist residents in connecting with the appropriate external social services and care providers.
How are residents selected?
If an applicant meets the three requirements, has application and required documents submitted then the Eden Village selection committee prioritizes candidates on community fit and does a thorough interview process and background check before placement.
What is considered chronic homelessness?
Homelessness within the city limits for the last 12 months consecutively or have 4 periods of homelessness over the last 3 years.
What psychological, physical and/or mental diseases are accepted?
All physical and mental disabilities are accepted as long as the individual is capable of independent living.
What amenities are included in an Eden Village?
The community center includes a stocked library, computer lab, laundry room, food bank and a club house to mingle and meet. The center is furnished with a full kitchen, laundry room, computers, a library of books and DVDs, offices for service providers, as well as a community garden, woodworking shop a neighborhood store, outdoor grills and a storm shelter available for use by all residents.
Do the residents live in Eden Village for free?
No. Each residents pays $300 per month for rent/utilities. Each resident must provide proof of a source of income which could include: disability, SSI, pension, veterans’ benefits, and income from employment either part-time or full-time.
Can couples or families live in the Village?
No – each Eden Village tiny home is designed to be single adult occupancy. Regulations for use of each dwelling includes rules concerning occupancy; a standard that we are a crime and drug-free community, limitation of overnight guests and other standards agreed upon by residents.
How long can a person live at the Village?
Eden Village is designed to be permanent housing. Most residents who live in the Village are individuals who due to their mental health, physical health, and other extenuating circumstances, are incapable of “graduating” from a program and gaining full time stable independence. Residents may live at the Village as long as they are a good neighbor to the rest of the community.
Why tiny homes?
A tiny home gives our residents all the benefits of having a place of their own, while still being nestled into a large, supportive community. Tiny homes have an economical advantage, giving our homeless friends a safe place to live at the fraction of the cost of normal housing. The cost of our homes is generously sponsored by local community members, businesses, and organizations who want to make a direct contribution. Choosing a tiny home lowers the upfront cost of the home. It also ensures that our residents, who may be unable to work due to disability, will find their rent affordable. What the homes lack in size they make up for in quality. The homes are made to suit one person with everything they need. Each home has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living space. Eden Village also furnishes and decorates each tiny home with its own unique style so that when a resident walks-in for the first time, it already feels like home. See more about our tiny home model here.

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