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Time, Talent and Treasure is always needed at Eden Village

Homelessness is traumatic and forces individuals to live in constant survival mode. Although their experiences vary, common experiences include inadequate rest, lack of safety and security, harsh weather conditions, carrying all possessions, vulnerability to crime, and searching for food. These individuals are the most vulnerable to dying on the streets. Since the organization’s beginning, as the Gathering Tree, it has been our goal to create safe and friendly environments for our homeless friends. The Gathering’s Tree’s dream became a reality by placing people in homes through the inception of Eden Villages. This would not have been possible without those in the community who shared this vision and generously donate their time, talent and treasures.

The causes of homelessness cannot be successfully treated until the fundamental needs of food, clothing and shelter are met for the individual. Once the individual has these basic needs met, they are much more capable of addressing why they became homeless.

Eden Village depends on volunteers. We have a very low staffing model, so we may utilize as many resources as possible towards housing more individuals in need. A home is a necessity to an individual’s wellbeing. Once this need is met, is it possible to address other needs. The key to staying housed is building healthy relationships and engaging in positive activities. This could not be accomplished without the help of volunteers who partner with the Eden Village team to foster community and invest in the lives of the residents.

Eden Village is helping our chronically homeless brothers and sisters in their fight to begin the healing process. We are helping them get off the streets, become an accountable community member and give them a sense of purpose. Each Eden Village location can support up to a thousand volunteers a month. It takes a community to build one.

tiny homes
tiny homes

Eden Village’s vision of building relationships between residents, volunteers, community and staff is where an individual, family, group, business, organization, workplace or any other combination of good deed doers can be a part of working to empower formerly homeless individuals to create a new vision for their life. You won’t regret it.

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Good news is, we have been through this and we have learned many of the lesson’s you do not have to face. If you have a city that is in need of additional support for the chronically homeless, contact us and we will not only give you the road map and help you with applying for grants, but we will be on your team and help you through the first few years. Everything from city and neighbor buy-in, to land purchasing to tiny home construction, our team will join yours and together #NoOneSleepsOutside.

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