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Being homeless is traumatic and forces individuals to live in constant survival mode. Although no experiences are the same, they all relate to the experiences of inadequate rest, lack of safety and security, living in harsh weather conditions, having to carry all their possessions, being vulnerable and not knowing where their next meal may come from.

Since the beginning, as The Gathering Tree, it has been our goal to create a safe and friendly environment for our homeless friends.

We believe that to heal, recover, grow and thrive after homelessness, that the community is the key. Eden Village depends on its volunteers. Nothing would not be accomplished without the help from our community.

Homeless Tiny Houses


General workdays are every third Saturday of the month from 9am-Noon. Tolls and lunch provided. All ages welcome.

Homeless Tiny Houses

Donate Meals

Call ahead and we will schedule breakfast, lunch or dinner with our residents. Prepared on-site, catered, or brought from your home, we are grateful and ask that you stay and dine with our residents.

Homeless Tiny Houses

General Help

Maintenance projects, cleaning, office help, Bingo nights, crafting, cooking classes, art classes, movies, etc.

Homeless Tiny Houses

Home Teams

A small group is put on a team with one of our residents and will meet monthly, for a year, cultivating healthy friendships and building community. This is the only volunteer opportunity that requires a one-time orientation class.

To See the Needs of Your Eden Village; visit their website.

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Don’t have an Eden Village in your city? We offer licensing and contracting agreements to help get your city started in the #NoOneSleepsOutside movement.

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