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To be an Eden Village resident you must meet all three of the following requirements:
Chronically Homeless

Meet the governments definition of chronically homelessHomeless for the last 12-months consecutively or have four periods of homelessness over the last three years within the city limits of your Eden Village community.


Have a disability (mental or physical)


Ability to pay $350 per month for rent which includes utilities, laundry and activities within the community center. If you anticipate this to be a hardship, do not apply. Income can come from various sources such as employment, sponsorship, disability check, etc.

Don't Meet The Requirements?

If you do not meet these requirements when you apply, we will keep your application on file. Call or email us when your circumstances change (got a job or another income source, when you have been homeless for 12 months, etc.) Feel free to visit your cities resources page for alternative help.

    Need To Know:

  • Each tiny home is single occupancy only.
  • Homes are fully furnished, so residents have everything they need to find renewal and restoration.
  • There is a waiting list, most properties are at capacity.
  • Residents are not selected in chronological order.
  • Many factors are considered in the selection process to ensure it will be a good fit for the individual, if they will be a good neighbor and an asset to the Eden Village community.
Fight Homelessness
Fight Homelessness
Fight Homelessness

People from all walks of life come together. People you may have a lot in common with. At Eden Village they are able to find someone to talk to, create relationships with people who have like-experiences, drink some coffee, use the internet, play a game, create art and away from the chaos of the streets. When an individual has a home, the healing process can begin.


It is vital that we have a current phone number to be able to reach you. If you do not have a number to contact, then please give the number for someone who can find you as a spot becomes available. If we cannot reach you, then we will move on to the next applicant.

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