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Let’s make your city a place where #NoOneSleepsOutside

Tiny Home Community
Tiny Home Community
Tiny Home Community
Tiny Home Community

What Does a Tiny Home Community Look Like?

We take a homeless individual and put them in a safe and supportive gated community with a tiny home of their own.

Chronic Homelessness Ends Here

Improve Your Local Economy While Providing a Solution to Homelessness

At Eden Village seeing is believing. We believe that supplying the chronically homeless population with a home first, we can eradicate chronic homelessness. We have seen it impact the lives of our residents and transform the cities that include an Eden Village community. The first Eden Village community located in Springfield, MO lessened the chronically homeless population in Springfield by 14% in its first full year. As Eden Village enters cities their intention is to continue creating Eden Villages within the city until we have a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside.

Want to make your city a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside?

Other cities across the nation and around the world are invited to join us in our mission. Together we can change the lives of chronically homeless individuals everywhere. Through its existence, as The Gathering Tree and Eden Village, our team has developed a thorough knowledge as for what it takes to make a like organization function effectively. By sharing our knowledge, we can guide other cities through the process of lifting people off the streets and into homes. Our team offers both a consultation package and the Eden Village in a Box package which gives you all the necessary resources to create an Eden Village in your community

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If you are serious about developing housing for the chronically homeless, we strongly encourage you to attend an Eden Village #NoOneSleepsOutside Conference. We offer conferences every quarter, providing tours of all of our facilities, providing insight on operations, grants and fundraising, organizational structure, viewpoints from city government, etc. This will bring you into a community of like-minded people and a place to answer all your questions.

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Licensing Eden Village

An all-inclusive partnership that has everything you need to create a licensed Eden Village in your city. The partnership includes access to licensing benefits including name, logo, and hashtags, weekly consultation, hands-on training, and a mailed package containing a comprehensive guide on running an Eden Village community. Presented in both hard copy and digital format, the guide includes detailed explanations of:

Grants & Fundraising
Forms & Templates
Organizational Structure
Development Services
Marketing & Promotion

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Successfully Proven Community Model

Eden Village – Springfield was the first of its kind, tiny home community, that made its debut in Springfield, Missouri in August of 2018. It has lifted disabled homeless individuals off the streets, into a home within a gated community of like individuals and the support of a communitycenter and garden. The community center is furnished with a full kitchen, laundry room, computers, a library of books and DVDs, offices for professional service providers for support, as well as a community garden, woodworking shop, a neighborhood store, outdoor grills, and a storm shelter.

The Eden Village model does not only radically change the lives of chronically homeless individuals who have a disability, but also greatly impacts the economy of the city it is in. These individuals typically cost between $30,000 to 40,000 per individual per year due to frequent usage of public services. Models like Eden Village can help to decrease costs to the community from supporting chronically homeless individuals who have a disability by 60-75%.

We have seen continued proven success from helping the homeless, to strengthening the cities persons and economy through this community model. Our knowledge is at your disposal, we’d love to help you bring Eden Village to your city. Visit Eden Village communities: Springfield and Wilmington.

We hope you take advantage of this model as it is showing success in cities across the nation and we’re excited for partners like you who are joining in the fight to be a country where #NoOneSleepsOutside.

Complete an application for Consultation or Eden Village in a Box for further information. For package pricing and other inquiries please email

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