The Expansion of Eden Village is the Expansion of Compassion

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Eden Village communities are a place of hope and restoration. Volunteers and residents are coming together. Things are starting to change. People are getting settled. Perceptions are changing. Healing is happening. People are dreaming again. Community is being built. It’s not always easy, change never is. We’ve realized this truly is God’s Project and our role is to build more relationships and communities for our homeless friends. Thank you in joining us in this fight to make your city a city where no one sleeps outside.

Want Your Donation to be a Little More Personal?

Buy A Tiny Home for a New Resident

Many donors like to use their investment to purchase a home and become invested in that home and its resident. If this interests you, contact Nate Schleucheter at 417.894.3972 or contact us below and we will put together a donation package customized for you.

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