Eden Village: Harrisburg
Harrisburg, PA

Building the Chronically Homeless a Permanent Place to Live & Rebuild

Eden Village of Harrisburg is a not-for-profit building tiny home communities for the homeless.

Harrisburg's Journey

Does your city fail to provide the support for the homeless keeping them off the streets, in a safe environment and limiting overuse of city resources? We all know that an overabundance of homeless persons not only hurts us on a humanitarian level, but also becomes an economical hardship for our county and city. It is our goal to make Harrisburg a place where #NoOneSleepsOutside.

Our Cities Homeless Need Our Help

Access to a home depletes homelessness.

Our Cities Homeless Need Our Help

Access to a home depletes homelessness.

How We Get There

A proven plan in decreasing the rise of homelessness in our city.

In cities all over the country Eden Village gated tiny home communities are being built by the residents of their city that are wanting to take action to help their fellow man, and in return ease the financial burden of their city and counties resources. Through compassion and hard work, we, Harrisburg residents can do this right here in Pennsylvania. Help us in fundraising to acquire land that we can turn from ruin to a supportive and safe place for people to rebuild their lives.

Mental Health Blossoms into a Contributing Member of Society

Offering safety, support services and ownership of property.

When you’re homeless you are in constant survival mode. A place full of worries about necessities; not room to focus on mental health issues, employment or relationships. We’ve seen the successes in when you offer a roof over one’s head and a safe community to live in, the individual begins to thrive. Here at Eden Villages, we want our residents to thrive.

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