Eden Village: Harrisburg

Do You Qualify to Live at Eden Village?

If you, or someone you know, need assistance, reach out.

To be an Eden Village resident you must meet all three of the following requirements:

Chronically Homeless
Chronically homeless persons have been without a home, while residing in Harrisburg for more than 12 consecutive months or have had four periods of homelessness within the last three years.
When a physical or mental disability makes it difficult to live independently without support. Most Eden Village residents suffer from Axis 1 diagnosis: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Major Depressive Disorder.
Eden Village of Harrisburg residents must be able to pay $350/ mo. rent for their home and services provided. Income often comes from employment, government assistance or sponsorship.

Don't Meet The Requirements?

If you don’t meet the above requirements or you’re needing assistance now, please look up the many area resources available to you. We will keep this information updated and accurate to help our homeless friends in their journey of survival. Peace be with you.

What to know about living at Eden Village of Harrisburg…

  • Eden Village of Harrisburg is currently in the fundraising phase. Once we have land purchased and infrastructure started, we will start taking resident applications.
  • Our homes are designed for single person occupancy. If a couple or a pet is requested, you must work that out with the Eden Village of Harrisburg staff.
  • You must be a contributing member of our community and a good neighbor to those within the community gates and to those outside the gates. We will ask residents to volunteer keeping the community clean both inside and outside. We must help each other for true fulfillment.
  • You will have a team to help you manage your money, control your mental health and support you in your independent living.
tiny homes
tiny homes
tiny homes

Make Sure We Have a Way to Contact You

When applications are open, we will fill up the homes as they are ready. We will reach occupancy, though we hope that your situation changes. Make sure we have up to date information to contact you for when an opening becomes available.

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