Eden Village: Harrisburg

Donate to Give the Homeless a Home

Help Harrisburg, Pennsylvania become a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside.

The proven Eden Village model not only saves our city and county resources and funding a ton of money, but it makes for a more attractive place to live. This is not only a humanitarian decision, but an economical one. Join us in our efforts of giving a hand up to our homeless and taking them from survival to sanctuary.

Eden Village is a community model that builds tiny home communities for the chronically homeless and disabled. Your donation goes directly to building that community and the support services given to its residents.

Eden Village is an entity of Qavah Foundation Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Sponsor A Home

Want the full experience? Sponsor a tiny home, pick the colors and name the home for a future resident.

Many donors like to use their investment to purchase a home and become invested in that home and its resident. If you’d like to buy a tiny home for one of our residents and be an active part of that resident’s journey, we can customize a donation package to fit your needs.

Request A Home Sponorship

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