Frequently Asked Questions

When is Eden Village of Harrisburg accepting resident applications?
We’re currently in the fundraising phase of our journey. The best way to get us their sooner is to be an advocate for our cause. Tell everyone you know about this great venture and the benefits it will have for our homeless friends and our cities economy. Want to do more? Volunteer or donate today.
Where will Eden Village of Harrisburg be located?
Once funds are secured, we’ll be searching for land with the proper zoning and be able to secure that land and turn it around for the better. This will be a positive move for it’s neighbors and will be a well kept and healthy gated community.
How can I volunteer at Eden Village of Harrisburg?
We’re needing to educate our city about the Eden Village process. Step one, tell your friends. Share our social media and if you have a fundraising effort, you can help us with, we’d love to partner on it. If you have experience in fundraising, grant writing or social media or contacts with decision makers within our city and county, we’d love to add you to the team.
Who gets to live in Eden Village of Harrisburg?
Those who are chronically homeless get the first option to become a resident. This person may never be able to fully live on their own and that’s ok. We want to be a community that they call home and where they can find the support and services they need to strive, not just survive. They must have the means to pay $300 a month in rent, those dollars can come from a job, disability check, family member or friend. This helps us care for the residents and gives them ownership of their property.
Is Eden Village of Harrisburg something the taxpayers are paying for?
No. Eden Village of Harrisburg is funded by generous donations, government grants and residents paying $300 per month in rent. Many support services are in a volunteer capacity. If you’d like to help in making Eden Village a reality in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania donate today.

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